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Flexible abstract handling software for each type of medical or scientific congress

Are u still doing abstract handling by using spread sheets and e-mails or are using non flexible standard asbtract handling software solution? The problem with standard abstract handling solutions is that they cannot deal or adapt to different kind of abstract handling situations, or process flows with different type of criteria and multi level of reviewers. In some abstract handling software solutions also there is no integration with participation registration or other processes. With the Easydus abstract handling software you can change the submission forms, criteria or review process flow and adapt it according to your needs. This means that you can organize the flow of invitations, submissions, assessments and feedback according to your own wishes and no longer have to use error-prone Excel lists or inflexible systems that do not meet your wishes. Consider the following steps.

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Author invitation or Call for Abstract

You can send out invitations to all authors to submit the call for abstract. You can do this in an e-mail completely formatted in your own style and from your own domain name. You can also place a link of the abstract web form on your website so that it becomes an open registration.


Abstract submission

The author can submit his abstract on a web form. You can design the form yourself with an extensive range of question type and elements. For example, the author can submit the abstract on a web form and add all kinds of additional information. Examples of information the author can submit: documents, CV, photos or information about co-authors. After completing the web form, an automatic confirmation e-mail can be sent. In this email you can confirm the abstract info and if desired, adjustments can be made to the submitted abstract.

Reviewing of abstracts

The benefits of using Easydus abstract handling software is that you can determine yourself how the abstract handling process will look like. So you can decide whether you have everything reviewed by one reviewer this time, or by multiple reviewers, where they can all leave points and / or comments. You can determine yourself the criteria for assessing each abstract. For example, the process can also consist of several rounds or phases. For example after a first round of reviewers, a committee can assess it in the second round. This process can be fully automatic organised or, if desired, with manual intermediate steps.


Create dashboard or overviews

As an organizer, overview is very important to manage your abstract handling process. You want to be able to see how many abstracts have been submitted, which abstract already have been assessed, which have been approved or rejected, or where an adjustment still needs to be made. With Easydus you can generate any overview you need to manage your process and take the right actions. You also have the option to send e-mails from the overviews. For example, reminders to those who still have to submit the abstracts or sending reminder e-mails to reviewers.

Sending feedback to the authors

After the abstracts have been reviewed, the result of this assessment can be sent back to the authors. If needed, you can do this with a clarification of the assessment that you send with the e-mail. In addition to approving or disapproving, you also have the option to link back which things still need to be improved in the abstract, so that the author can adjust this immediately if this is needed to approve the abstract.


Creating session information

You can allocate the approved abstracts to sessions. This ultimately gives you an overview of sessions with, for example, abstracts per session. In this way with Easydus abstract handling software you can generate an automated and clear program for the conference in one go. This session information can be also be used to create a program book of the congress.

Registration for the congress

After the abstracts have been approved and the sessions have been created, you can send out the invitation for the congress. You either do this by invitation or an open registration webform integrated on your website. You can send each group of participants (speakers, coaches, congress visitors and each other visitor group) an personalised invitation where also the rest of the communication flow is targeted on each group of visitors. In the registration webform you can ask each type of question: session which they can visit, lunches, dinner information, making use of an hotel or parking place. Each visitor gets his own QR Ticket which can be scanned at the congress. With Easydus you have realtime information on the invitation, registrations, show and no shows. Online payment by credit card is also possible.


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