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Easydus is used in many different organisations, from large to small organisations. Below you can find different kind of industries we work with. If your industry is not included in the list below, you can contact us for more information

Easydus, organize without fuss
As a company you have your own CRM software to store fixed data. In addition, there are many other processes that you must also organize, such as internal and external events, contact forms, all kinds of requests and applications and contractmanagement. With Easydus you can create documents based on templates and create a workflow. Easydus can be used in any type of company, from small to big companies.
Easydus, organize without fuss
All activities from inviting and subscribing of attendees, open subscription, personal communication, ticketing with QR code, badge printing, direct online payment possibilities including direct receiving the payments. All management overviews from registrations, payments, attendees coud be viewed realtime.
Easydus, organize without fuss
With Easydus software for many association processes could be managed and digitalised. Examples of these processes are: member administration, organising events, contractmanagement, invoicing, organising events, sending certificates, vacancy management and sending news letters. For all different kind of associations like trade associations, professional associations, secretary offices and many other associations and foundations
Easydus, organize without fuss
Easydus software for schools with students or pupils can be used for all different administration and registration processes. These processes are ranging from the organisation of after-school and after-school care, school excursions, exam trips and social internships. Easydus can also support the financial settlement of parental contributions
Easydus, organize without fuss
Secretary offices organise events and meetings for all kind of clients. Also they keep the member administration and all kind of other administration work for their clients. They send newsletters and all kind of other communication to their stakeholders. Easydus can be used for all kind of processes and you need only one integrated systems for e-mailing, sending invoices, organising events and all kind of other administration work
Easydus, organize without fuss
Easydus offers a complete service for all governmental related processes. Examples of these processes are subsidy requests, applications from citizens, organising meetings, communications and feedback from citizens and all different kind of workflows.
Easydus, organize without fuss
Organising a congress in a excellent way makes or brakes the success of a congress perceived by attendees. With Easydus you are not only able to manage your communication, registration, ticketing and badging towards the attendees, but you are also able to reduce your manual and administrative activities
Easydus, organize without fuss
Easydus supports webdesign agencies in realizing complex front-end and back-end processes in websites and applications in a cost-efficient manner. This allows successful competition with inflexible standard packages and expensive custom solutions.
Easydus, organize without fuss
Organizing the registration process of fairground operators in practice means a lot of manual work, a lot of paper, thick binders and it needs continuous transfer of data in Excel. Receive your registrations for fairground operators (in multiple languages) including all required documents and needs no longer continuous e-mailing, but an automated process in an online database.
Easydus, organize without fuss
Easydus is complementary to your golf club software, and quickly organizes all individual processes that play within golf clubs and clubs. Registration, individual sales, inventories, etc. Easydus also offers a link with E-Golf4U.
Easydus, organize without fuss
Not only showing your own collection, but also educational programs, rental of spaces and reservations for business activities are increasingly the order of the day in museums. Friends and donors are needed and with Easydus you can involve them more in the museum activities.
Easydus, organize without fuss
Easydus offers a complete service for all your charity related processes. Examples of these processes are donation management, sponsorcontract management, volunteer management, but also organising charity related events including ticketsales could be organised easily.

Easydus has proven itself for years and is serving many different kind of organisations:

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