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With Easydus conference software you have a powerful, flexible software tool to organise your conference in one logical flow. With many conference software applications you can only organise the regular standard conferences according to a fixed preformat congress template and it is difficult to deviate from this standard template. Easydus conference software contains all the flexibility to set up your own specific conference process flow aligned with your specific needs: from the invitation of your visitors to the evaluation of the conference. You can not only process the regular registration data such as name and address data of the visitors, but you can also request information regarding the workshops to be registered, overnight stays, parking spaces, dinners / lunches or other data that are important for your conference. Easydus also offers abstract handling process which is fully adaptable to your own requirements

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Sending congress invitations

With Easydus conference software you can send customized personalised invitations per conference or activity. You can already send a "save the date" email to let your visitors already plan the date. Here you can send the e-mails from your own e-mail address and you can style them entirely according to your wishes. In this email there is also the possibility to place a personal link to the web form on which participants can register. Any possible follow-up communication is also possible via Easydus.


Registration on the webform

You can design the web form yourself with an extensive range of question type and elements. The web form is linked to an online database where all data is recorded and with which you can immediately perform all kinds of follow-up actions. You can also easily request wishes regarding parking, accommodation, dinners, lunches on the form. You can also let participants select the workshops they want to participate in, with the option of specifying the maximum number of participants per workshop and having the notification given when the workshop is full. You can also generate overviews very quickly, for example the number of registrations, deregistrations, etc. Registration forms can be public at the same time if they are sent pre-filled with pre-filled details of (different types of) invitees. It is also possible to supplement data or have it supplemented at different times.

Confirmation by e-mail

After completing the web form, you can send an automatic confirmation by e-mail. In this confirmation you can not only send the invoice, but also the (QR entrance ticket, overnight voucher, dinner voucher, a parking ticket or your own documents such as the conference program).


Creating overviews of registration data

After the registrations you can quickly create overviews of, for example, the number of registrations, visitors who have already paid or have not paid. With this you can, for example, send reminders for the registrations or payment reminders. You can also quickly create overviews for the number of registrations per workshop or create overviews to organize dinners, lunches and overnight stays. After scanning the QR tickets, you can also create real-time overviews of who is already present at the conference and who is not.

Payment by visitors

Easydus offers the possibility for free conferences, but also the option for paid conferences. In that case, the visitor to the conference can make the payment via the link in the e-mail. The payment is then automatically processed in the database. This gives you a real-time overview of the payments and you have the option to send payment reminders to visitors who have not yet paid.


Scanning of visitors and generating badges

Visitors can register at the conference with their sent QR code. Scanning is possible with the free App from Easydus, which is available in the AppStore (IOS) and Play Store (Android) or via hand scanners connected to a laptop. This gives you an immediate overview of who is inside and who is not. This information can be viewed in real time and online. After scanning the QR code, it is possible to automatically and directly print the badge for the visitor from any type of printer.

Evaluation Form

After the conference, you would like to receive customer feedback to evaluate the conference and improve it in the future. You can state all kinds of questions on the evaluation form. The results of the evaluation form are immediately available per participant in real time with the data already received upon registration. Feedback can of course also be requested anonymously.


Abstract handling

With Easydus you can also carry out the abstract handling process for your conference. Authors can submit their own abstract online and it will then be assessed against your own criteria. You can design the assessment form yourself so that you can use your own criteria for each conference or meeting. At any time you can create overviews of how many abstracts have been submitted and the status of the handling of each abstract. You can also provide feedback to the authors immediately after assessing the abstract.

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Our customers tell you more about their experience with Easydus...

National Monument congress agency
Jennemie Stoelhorst

"We used Easydus for the registration of participants of the National Monument Congress. The many variations in participants - from early bookers, students, discount cards with or without different parking tickets - could be organized well with the help of Easydus.

communication with participants and the sending of tickets went very well. There was a pleasant cooperation with the helpdesk. And we can use many more possibilities of Easydus for our conference organization in the future, that has become clear! "

SOLA Congress agency
Ingrid Solleveld

"There are plentiful Software applications for participant registration, but SOLA can proactively serves the customers using the Easydus online registration tool. As a result, we offer our customers a 'end-to-end solutions'. Easydus software and the optimal customer service of SOLA Congress Agency ensure beautiful meetings .

The information and communication process runs via the efficient digital platform that we can design ourselves with customized services, including the possibility of digital invoicing and payment. As a result, we can also offer the added value that our Congres Agency stands for in this area: taking care of all needed work of our customers and contributing to the success of our customers. "

Marianne Henny

“This international organization has members all over the world. In addition to its membership administration, where the contribution contribution is differentiated to TIER countries, IACEP also uses Easydus to organize the biennial international conference.

Call for papers, workshops, poster sessions can be deployed in time. But the registration and invoicing of participants also takes place in this way. In principle, everything is prepared for the upcoming congress. "

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